The 10-Minute Rule

Often times we lack motivation, don’t have enough time to fit a workout into our busy schedules, and are so exhausted that we can’t possibly imagine going for a run. It’s those times that the thought of working out seems almost impossible. You may have heard of it and you may have even done it and not realized it. The 10-minute rule-works every time! When you don’t feel like going to the gym or being active I challenge you to throw on a pair of sneakers, workout clothes, grab your iPod and head to the gym, don’t think about it anymore, just head straight to the gym. Make a promise to yourself; that you will give yourself 10 minutes before quitting. Start off with some form of cardio, this will surely get your endorphins going, turn up your favorite song and go for it. Before you know it 5 minutes has passed and you’ve already broken a sweat. Your mood has lifted and you’ve already made the commitment to 10 minutes so why not continue on and give yourself an additional 30-45 minutes? Next thing you know an hour has passed, you’ve taken a break from life and focused solely on your health for what was only supposed to be 10 minutes. Now you’ve set the tone for the rest of your day and can go home feeling a sense of accomplishment. Give yourself 10 minutes- I dare you…